Airports are commonly large, open spaces with high ceilings and bare walls. These reflective surfaces can cause sound to bounce around the room. This can create an echo, and amplify unwanted background noise.


Due to the high traffic of people and the announcements being played throughout speaker system, an airport can become a very loud place. It is important that communication is clear, and easy to understand. Whether it is speech over the speaker system or communication amongst commuters and attendants, the ability to understand one another is essential. This will ensure travelers do not miss important announcement regarding changes to their flight. It also helps ensure that should an emergency situation take place, directions will easily be understood. To create a pleasant sounding atmosphere, these sound reflections must be absorbed. This will help eliminate any background noise and echo within the space. Here at Technature we carry a wide variety of sound absorption products to help with this issue.

There are often two main areas to transport facilities. The large open busy space where commuters navigate to get to their destination is one area. The second being the offices and rooms designated for the employees. The area where people commute is loud, noisy and reverberant. The offices are meant to be quiet, peaceful and a place to be productive. With improper sound isolation these offices can easily be disturbed by the loud noise of the rest of the airport. Technature can provide different isolation products to help sound proof quiet spaces.

Thousands of people travel through an airport daily. Acoustically treat your airport and allow each and everyone of them to have a safe and pleasant sounding experience.