Increase Your Audience and Enhance Performances With Acoustic Treatment In Your Auditorium


Auditoriums are designed to facilitate a large number of people, and generally are not designed with acoustics in mind. As sound is an integral part of plays, concerts, and lectures, having an acoustically treated auditorium will result in a better performance, leaving you with a more satisfied audience. Speech clarity when someone is on stage is a top priority for any auditorium. The need for sound absorption is the most common problem in an auditorium. Features like spacious ceilings, hardwood flooring, and bare walls create reflective surfaces and cause the room to echo. Between a large audience and a performance there is a lot of sound waves travelling around the room and reflecting off of these surfaces. This can make the performance difficult to hear and causes the room to be very reverberant. Technature Inc.’s line of products can help cut down the reverb time in the room by absorbing these reflections. Sound isolation is another major issue in an auditorium. Often auditoriums are shared with other stages or adjacent to other classrooms and auditoriums. Keeping the sound contained in its space is important especially in a University/College facility or a Live Venue with different performance areas. Technature Inc.’s line of products can help you achieve your required level of sound isolation. A poor sounding auditorium will make lectures difficult to understand and misrepresent the sound of live performances. Let music and speech be heard as is should be with the use of Technature’s acoustic treatment products.