Houses of worship require soundproofing for two reasons – they generate noise (choirs, organ, rehearsal rooms); and they wish not to be disturbed by outside noise. Also, churches that support schools and day care facilities require quiet for their students and teachers.

Achieving high STC ratings for walls and ceilings has traditionally been too costly and risky – until now. Technature offers religious institution construction professionals a complete line of high-performance products to soundproof walls and ceilings. The installation can be easily done either at time of new construction or as a rehab project.

Houses of worship occasionally specify resilient channels, hats and clips to try to achieve STC 45. A word of caution: these techniques are famous for failing. Acoustical engineers estimate failure rates of 50% during installation, and a financially dangerous 90% within three years due to tenant “improvements”. A simple installation of a painting, shelf or other wall attachment can destroy a resilient channel installation.

The most effective way to mitigate noise in houses of worship is to:

  1. Identify and measure the noise source, both internal and external;
  2. Set a dB goal for the desired level of quiet, and translate that goal into the appropriate Sound Transmission Class using the formula “dB in noisy area minus dB desired in quiet area = required STC”;
  3. Select and specify the appropriate acoustic materials for your project.