Improve student’s educational experience by making it easier for them to understand the instructor and concentrate while in a classroom setting.


A poorly acoustically treated classroom can make it difficult for a student to learn and difficulty understanding the teacher can cause student’s grades to fall. Background noise from within the room, the hallway, and other rooms in the school can distract students easily and break their concentration.

Often classrooms are full of desks, chairs, and boards which are all hard, reflective surfaces. Sound will bounce off of these surfaces and create unwanted echoes within the classroom. These echoes can make it difficult for students to accurately hear what the teacher is saying. Technature Inc.’s line of acoustic absorption products can reduce these reflections and remove this unwanted echo. By doing so, students can easily understand what the teacher is saying.

Another common acoustic issue in classrooms is sound isolation.  Classrooms are often adjacent to other classrooms or offices and are typically separated by a thin wall. Sound can transfer through these walls and enter your classroom, creating unwanted noise.  This noise can make it difficult for a student to focus, especially when the classroom must be silent for tests and exams. Sound isolation stops sound from entering the classroom, as well as stopping sound from escaping the classroom.  This will allow teachers to teach freely without the worry of disturbing other classrooms with their lesson.

Here at Technature we understand the importance of a student’s education. Don’t let an untreated room hold students back from learning more efficiently!