Boardrooms should be able to facilitate many different functions and purposes. Your conference room should serve as a place for private discussion, large meetings, and teleconferencing.

Often, boardrooms are large spaces needing both sound isolation and sound absorption. An untreated boardroom can lead to many different acoustic issues. Proper acoustic treatment can help prevent miscommunication with important information as well as address speech intelligibility issues. An untreated boardroom can create frustration, misunderstandings and even decreased productivity at times. These issues can become problems if left alone.

To prevent these problems many companies allow us to acoustically treat their room. Our absorption products can help cut down the reverb in the space, while maintaining or even improving the look of the room. Our sound isolation products will assist in keeping important information within the room, and not allow it to be heard from the outside. Often clients can immediately notice a difference, and better enjoy the use of their improved space.

What our products can do for your company:

  • Decrease the amount of reverb in your boardroom, which will allow you to hear people from across the room clearly.
  • Increase privacy by not allowing conversation in the boardroom to be heard in adjacent rooms.
  • Address speech intelligibility issues, making conversation clear and help prevent miscommunication.
  • Increase concentration by not allowing distracting noises to enter the boardroom.