Courtrooms require soundproofing for many reasons. Privacy is at the utmost when it comes to the law. Information must be heard loud and clearly.


In many cases the sensitive discretion of Courtroom communication is compromised by inadequate noise isolation within the courtroom, meaning private and confidential information can be heard outside the confines of the private court. The required noise isolation in a given courtroom is directly related to the design and construction of the building walls, floors and ceilings. Modern day courtrooms are not the dramatic marble and stone column filled rooms depicted in epic courtroom films. Today’s courtrooms are constructed of drywall and wood paneling; it is often all that separates one courtroom from the next.

Courtroom isolation in a courthouse must be a major design concern when planning the project. The judge’s chambers, deliberation rooms, courtrooms and holding areas all need to have adequate isolation to ensure privacy, confidentiality and to minimize disruption. With these differing positions held in such close proximity within the courthouse proper noise isolation is an absolute must.

How does one increase noise isolation and ensure privacy? Technature Inc. has an arsenal of isolation products to increase your wall’s, ceiling’s and floor’s STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) ratings.