Clear communication is essential at a fire station. Acoustically treating your fire station can improve sound quality. The ability to communicate and quickly react in emergency situations can make all the difference.

Speech intelligibility is one of the highest priorities at a fire station. Often, speech intelligibility is decreased due to reflective surfaces within the station. Tiled floors and long hallways can create an echo and make it difficult to understand speech. This can become a problem when firefighters must react to a situation in a timely manner. These reflections off of hard surfaces need to be absorbed with acoustic treatment. We offer a wide array of absorption products to help improve sound quality. Our Cel™ panels are water resistant, making them the perfect choice for this application.

Fire stations go from being one of the loudest places in emergency situations to being extremely quiet when firefighters are sleeping. Properly sound isolating the sleeping quarters can allow them to obtain a proper rest, making them better suited to perform their daily tasks. Other areas that need to be properly isolated include the weight room and garage.

Put safety first and allow us to acoustically treat your fire station.