On a gun or shooting range safety is paramount, and controlling noise is a necessity.

Recreational firearms can be a lot of fun, however they can turn very dangerous, very quickly when safety precautions are not held in the highest regard.  Whether indoors or outdoors, when a gun is fired the sound created is one of the loudest on earth.  Depending on the caliber of the firearm, when shot it can create sound levels anywhere from 130 – 170+ dB.  To put that into perspective, the thunderclap from nearby lightning is around 120 dB, an NHRA Dragster is about 140 dB, and the loudest sound ever recorded is the Eruption of Krakatoa at just under 180 dB.  These are all sounds that can cause immediate and permanent ear damage.

At this point ear protection is mandatory, however this is the bare minimum of what is necessary for the safety of the patrons and employees of any firing range.  As indoor ranges must have an impenetrable shell, the construction usually involves poured/pre-cast concrete or masonry block creating an extremely reflective space, almost acting as an echo chamber.  By introducing noise reduction treatment on the ceilings and walls this will improve communication, relieve the inherent ‘ringing’ sound that follows a gun shot, and bring down the overall noise level in the space.


We worked with Galt Sportsman Club on their 20-metre multi-discipline indoor range (pictured above & below), they were experiencing excessive noise in the space and were looking for options to minimize the noise level and relieve the echo and reverb created by the existing reflective concrete finish.  Our go to product for Gun Range applications is the Cel panels, as they are a cost-effective solution offering excellent durability, moisture and bacteria resistance, and easy cleaning.

For firing and shooting ranges we typically utilize the 2” thickness over the 1” version of our Cel panels as they offer higher absorption across all frequency ranges, but especially in the lower-end (bass) frequencies.  The 2” thickness also offers a bit more sound blocking, with an STC rating of 13.


Another commonly used option is our PERF Metal acoustical panels.  Once again offering a combination of sound diffusion via the perforations in the metal facing as well as sound absorption from the core material.  This product is commonly used as a wall or ceiling treatment, typically used behind firing lanes, in holding areas or the control room.

perf inst4

Need more information about the products or assistance with specifying the products?  Feel free to contact us and one of our experienced sales reps will help you apply the best solution for your application.



Made from recycled cotton, a cost effective noise reduction material that can be utilized as an acoustic core, wall panel or baffle.


A resilient and versatile acoustical panel offering sound absorption, diffusion as well as a tackable surface.


PERF Acoustic Metal
Perf combines the durability of a perforated metal shell and the superior noise control, properties of our exclusive nonflammable acoustical material.