Firing guns tend to generate a lot of noise, and when it’s your business to keep guns firing, noise control is a must to keep customers in and neighbor complaints out.


Shooting ranges are constructed with bare walls and hard floors and ceilings.  While these facilities are built for safety, these hard reflective surfaces create noise, echoes and excessive reverberation as the sound from the gunshots bounce around the room.

Gunshots register high in decibel levels and this sound level increases when indoors. Members are required to wear hearing protection because the sounds of gunshots can cause hearing damage. The risk of hearing damage for your employees and regular members is even greater.

One of the most common problems with improper gun range isolation is sound leaking out of the building, causing complaints from neighbors.  Businesses and homes in close proximity are often bothered by the gunshot sounds emanating from gun ranges.

Firing Range owners come to Technature Inc. because they want to offer a more protective environment for their employees and members. They also want to isolate the firing range sound from leaking out of the building. We have the gun range isolation materials needed to treat the range and outer walls, reducing the noise caused by gunshots.

What Gun Range Isolation and Absorption Can Do for You:

  • Improve the safety of your range by decreasing the noise of gunshots
  • Members and employees are better protected from hearing loss.
  • Overall echo and reverberation are reduced, creating an improved sound quality.
  • Isolate the sounds of gunshots from leaking out of the building and bothering nearby
  • End complaints from neighbors