Having the right acoustic room treatment can make a home theater sound like the real big thing: immersive surround sound experience and heart pounding bass.. all without waking the kids.


Home theater systems have become one of the most popular entertainment choices in the world and with the advent of big screen HDTV and large-scale home projection screens this trend will surely continue.

Home theaters combine the best of both worlds; the professional quality of a movie theater with the peace and privacy of viewing your favorite shows in the comfort of your own home.

Bringing the theater experience into the home has also brought acoustic problems into the home such as other people in the house complaining of hearing the earth shattering bass or exploding special effects through the walls. Or just the opposite, sound from the household appliances bleeding into the theater room.

And while in many cases the home theater picture is the highest quality possible, the sound is left untreated and sounding unnatural. After all the time and money invested in your home theater, don’t ruin the theater experience with sub-quality acoustics!