Cafeterias should allow large numbers of people to have a conversation, without having to shout or disturb other rooms in the building. Provide your patrons with an enjoyable experience!

The cafeteria is one of the loudest places people gather on a day to day basis. An acoustically untreated cafeteria can reach decibel levels equivalent to that of city traffic. Cafeterias commonly have tiled floors, plastic/wooden tables, and metal counter tops. These are surfaces that are highly reflective and sound can bounce around the room creating an echo.

Patrons are forced to speak louder and louder just so they can be heard. This can lead to quite a dangerous issue, as extremely loud rooms have registered sound levels beyond the human tolerance level. This creates an unpleasant atmosphere for patrons, which can leave them unsatisfied with their daily break. Technature’s line of absorption products can provide both innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions to assist in reducing the reverberation time of a lunch room.

Cafeterias are often the central hub of an office building, school, or facility. It is important to keep the noise contained within the lunchroom. Also, not disturbing patrons with noise from the kitchen is another reason to look into sound isolation. Here at Technature, we offer a wide array of products to help assist with sound isolation.

With Technature’s help you can provide your patrons with a quiet, enjoyable, and relaxing environment during their lunches.