Stadiums can facilitate some of the largest crowds. Unfortunately these crowds can create a lot of noise. Combine this with a performance or sports event and you have sound volumes almost equal to the threshold of pain. Acoustic treatment is essential to any stadium!

From fans wanting to listen to the action of a sports event to a pleasant sounding music concert, acoustics is very important in a stadium. Most stadiums have bare walls, large open space, high ceilings, and generally are not constructed with acoustics in mind.

Reflective surfaces like hardwood flooring and steel walls can cause sound to bounce around the room, creating an echo. Combine this with the cheering of a crowd and it can make speech very difficult to understand. Technature’s line of absorbers can help eliminate these reflections, and increase speech intelligibility. Acoustically treating your stadium will drastically improve the sound quality within it. This will make music performances much more enjoyable.

Another issue stadiums suffer from is sound leaking from the arena into other adjacent rooms. The stadiums itself can become quite a loud place and you do not want that noise disturbing other areas in your facility. Here at Technature we can provide you with products to help isolate and contain the noise within the arena.

Our clients often immediately notice a difference after acoustically treating their stadium. With a wide array of products to help absorb sound reflections including panels and hanging baffles, as well as many different isolation products we can help find what is right for you. Make an event the best it can be with Technature’s line of acoustic treatment!