Where water safety is important an acoustically treated pool area can prevent miscommunication at critical times.

Generally, pool areas are designed to be waterproof, and rarely with acoustics in mind. Tiled floors, empty walls and high ceilings which are common in swimming pools become highly reflective surfaces for sound. This can cause severe echo and reverberation resulting in poor sound quality. The ability to hear a lifeguard’s instructions clearly is crucial to a safe swimming pool and the ability to hear speech is always desired by patrons.

Because water safety is most important, improving sound quality is essential. When the pool fills with pool-goers, sound levels increase, resulting in poor communication. This lack of communication can lead to accidents.

To improve water safety, absorbing reflections is essential. A pool area full of swimmers can become quite loud. Whether it be a swim meet, swim classes or just a recreational free swim, communication is critical. New swimmers need to hear their instructors clearly. People shouting at a swim meet will make it almost impossible to hear anything. Sound absorption materials will reduce echoing within the enclosed area. If a material used is exposed to water then it also becomes important that it can resist mold and mildew. Acoustic treatment must absorb the sound energy and not the moisture. With Technature’s line of absorption products you can cut down the reverb time in the pool area, and eliminate these problems.

Due to pool areas reaching such high sound levels, it is important to properly isolate these rooms. You don’t want this noise traveling into other spaces. For example, hotels and apartment buildings that don’t take proper sound isolation measures will most likely receive complaints from the tenants who are next to the pool area.

Allow Technature to make your pool area safer and functional with our acoustic products.