Whether your theater is used for films or plays, it needs to support a large number of people. Your audience needs to be able to hear the film or performance. If the theater has poor acoustics, your guests won’t be back.


Lofty ceilings, bare walls and linoleum or wood floors are common to theaters. Unfortunately, these structural elements cause echo and poor sound quality. Sound waves easily bounce off surfaces and back into the space. Guests can’t hear the movie or performance clearly. With so many theaters having surround sound systems, it is important that the sound quality is high, so guests can become immersed in the movie, and not be distracted by poor sound quality.

Another common challenge theaters face is keeping the sound contained within the space. Especially in buildings that have surround sound systems, it’s critical the sound of one theater doesn’t disturb another.

With Technature’s line of products you will improve sound clarity by reducing background noise caused by echoes, ultimately giving your audience a better experience. You will also increase the value of your shows. With each seat being the prime location to hear the performance, you can command a higher ticket price. Finally you will be able to stop unwanted noise from disturbing your performance, making sure your audience remains focused on the show .

Acoustically treating your theater will improve the acoustics and overall guest experience. You’ll get repeat customers. And they’ll tell their friends. As your audience grows, so will the revenue.