A reverberant space is the most common acoustic problem clients face today.  Modern construction favors parallel walls, square rooms and flat hard surfaces like drywall and concrete, all of which creates excessive reverb times and irritating echoes.  In rooms where critical listening is required this reverberation can have a significant impact on what is actually heard by the listener.

Do you have a problem with echoes reflecting off the ceiling or walls?

Technature Inc.’s lines of acoustic wall panels are the ideal solution for any environment where sound needs to be controlled. We carry an extensive range of products that fit all types of projects, from residential to commercial, industrial to specialty.

If budget is your first concern, be sure to check out our ECHOTOUCH panels. This cost effective solution absorbs sound that can make rooms sound noisy and make sound difficult to hear clearly.  EchoTouch is a recycled cotton product that is environmentally friendly.

If controlling sound reflections in a room where a cotton or fabric absorptive panel would not be applicable, our newest product CEL is a solution that offers unique benefits. Cel is designed for high humidity – high traffic areas such as swimming pools and recreation centers. Cel is suitable for gymnasiums, clean rooms, garages, labs, service centers, offices, studios or anywhere that sound absorption is needed!

If you are looking for the designer touch, Technature offers a standard or custom solution with TECHPAN. These designer fabric wrapped acoustic panels can be installed by anyone. Just choose your fabric, tell us the size you want, and they will arrive at your doorstep. Techpan panels are one of the most stylish products on the market.

NOVAWALL is the best of the best. When you are looking for the ultimate in acoustic finishes, Novawall by Technature Inc. is your only choice. Let our team of installers create your own custom solution using our stretch fabric system. There is no limit to the possibilities with Novawall. Thousands of colours and fabrics are available and curved panels, custom sizes and custom shapes are available.