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Introducing FUZ acoustical PET panels, baffles and wall coverings.  Soft to the touch, resilient and cost-effective this material is made from 100% polyester PET fibre material, and available in a variety of colours.

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FUZ Baffles are an attractive & economical way to reduce sound pressure levels and lower reverberation times in large spaces. These baffles are easily suspended from existing open truss and pre-engineered suspension systems. They are designed to hang in a vertical fashion, allowing free flow of air and integrate exceptionally well with existing sprinklers, lighting and HVAC systems.

FUZ is also an excellent solution for direct wall and ceiling applications.  The material is soft to the touch, however resilient enough to be used as a wall covering.  With very simple installation and a wide variety of colours you can create truly unique wall surfaces.



FUZ can also be formed into three dimensional shapes to add depth to any wall or ceiling.  This option is available in standard shapes and designs as well as custom forms.


Thickness: 9mmLengths: 4', 6', & 8'Heights: 7.5", 9.5", 11.5", & 23.5"*Custom sizes and shapes also available

COLOUR SELECTION*custom colours available - minimum quantities apply



BAFFLE FRAME FUZ Baffles are available with modular anodized aluminum framing systems. This ensures even spacing between baffles, reduces the number of hang points and is completely modular which can be arranged to enable a variety of baffle spacings, quantites & sizes.

FUZ Multi Baffle

FLAMMABILITY DATA FUZ is safe for interior applications and has passed International (ASTM E-84) fire test standards.

ACOUSTICAL DATA Fuz offers an NRC rating up to 0.70.