Our Vinyl & Sailcloth Baffles are an economical way to reduce sound pressure levels and lower reverberation times in large spaces.  They improve speech intelligibility as well as greatly reduce sound intensity levels.  These baffles are easily suspended from existing open truss and pre-engineered suspension systems. They are designed to hang in a vertical fashion, allowing free flow of air and integrate exceptionally well with existing sprinklers, lighting and HVAC systems.


Thickness: 1″ and 2″
Density: 1 lb, 1.65 lb, 2.25 lb, & 3 lb
Dimensions: 2’ x 4’ nominal (standard), customs sizes available (minimum quantities apply)

Please view our colour guide here.

MOUNTING STYLE A                            MOUNTING STYLE B

Vinyl Baffles Mount A                                 Vinyl Baffles Mount B



These panels are made of fiberglass core encapsulated in a Polyvinyl Chloride Film or Sailcloth.  They are designed to relieve reverberations and echoes in a space in a cost effective manor.  The panels can be mounted in various ways and also come in a wide variety of colours to match your decor.  They are a lightweight solution and built to last with moisture and chemical resistance.


Technature is happy to announce the addition of felt to our fabric facing options.  The comforting texture and bright, vivid colour options of felt make it an excellent selection for any wall panel.  Felt has some natural acoustic properties, however with the addition of a fiberglass core you can created a beautiful felt wall panel with excellent acoustic properties.



Any large area where noise and reverberation needs to be reduced. Gymnasiums, community centers, sports arenas, lunch rooms, swimming pools, factories, animal hospitals, food processing plants, and any other large open plan areas.





Sailcloth & Vinyl Encapsulated Acoustical Baffles – Sabins per Baffle
ASTM C423-90a & E795-92
125HZ 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4Khz AVG.
1″ – 3# PVC 2.50 3.94 6.72 11.52 12.11 8.69
2″ – 3# Sailcloth 1.73 5.14 10.79 13.12 8.69 4.60 9.43
2″ – .75# PVC 6.88 7.12 7.12 8.08 8.16 8.88 7.75
2″ – 1.65# PVC 5.20 7.73 8.93 8.10 8.00 8.06 8.19