Wave curved accent products allows you to unleash your creativity while reducing noise and reverberation.  Add dimension and acoustical control where you need it the most with Wave ceiling clouds. Ceiling clouds are suspended on ceiling-mounted cables using corkscrew hangers.  Made from Class 1 fire-rated melamine foam, Wave products are offered in standard and custom sizes and curve patterns. Wave products are lightweight and easy to install. The line also includes baffles, panels and awnings.


Density: 0.5 – 0.7 lbs./cubic ft.
Size: 2′ X 4′ Standard Size – Custom sizes up to 4’x 8’ (minimum quantities apply)

Open-cell Melamine-based foam

Natural – white or light grey.
Custom colours also available (minimum quantities apply).

Offered in panel, baffle, ceiling cloud and awning options.



Design Flexibility
Wave is available in panels, baffles, ceiling clouds and awnings giving you a wide variety of options. They also give you exceptional acoustical control and design flexibility.
Wave products are offered in standard and custom sizes and curve patterns. This product can be aligned in the same direction or arranged so that every other baffle is turned 90 degrees, which creates an interesting pattern. You can also join panels together creating a long ribbon appearance. There are so many configurations and design option available with this product. Speak to a Technature representative today to find the right design for you!

High Performance
Wave by Technature offers exceptional acoustic control across all frequencies, making it an ideal choice for sound absorption.
Whether you choose a baffle, ceiling cloud, wall panel or awning, Wave is the perfect solution to help reduce reverb time within a room. With such high NRC values, it can almost always improve sound quality within a space.

Easy To Install
Installing Wave products has never been easier! This product offers a  variety of different mounting methods available and these products are so light and easy to carry, it doesn’t get any simpler.


Offices, auditoriums, classrooms, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, plus many other large open spaces.




Sound Absorption – Wave Panels
125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1kHz 2kHz 4kHz NRC Mount Type
(White or Grey)
2″ 0.11 0.33 0.85 1.05 1.09 1.06 0.85 B
3″ 0.09 0.68 1.20 1.18 1.12 1.05 1.05 A
(Charcoal, Beige, Brown, Blue or Grey)
2″ 0.07 0.37 0.89 1.05 1.04 1.03 0.85 B
3″ 0.15 0.72 1.21 1.20 1.15 1.13 1.05 A
(Black, Grey, White, Almond)
2″ 0.13 0.41 1.02 1.18 1.18 1.13 0.95 B
3″ 0.13 0.85 1.25 1.22 1.13 1.14 1.10 A


Sound Absorption – Whisperwave Baffles
125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1kHz 2kHz 4kHz Ave
(White or Grey)
2″ 1.0 5.4 10.8 16.3 18.7 24.0 12.7
(Charcoal, Beige, Brown, Blue or Grey)
2″ 2.3 6.5 12.7 19.7 21.0 21.0 15.0


Sound Absorption – Whisperwave Ceiling Clouds/Awnings
125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1kHz 2kHz 4kHz Sabin
(White or Grey)
2.5″ Thickness 6.4 22.1 44.3 55.9 58.9 60.6 45.3